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Shed Accessories

To view Accessories for a particular shed: SELECT A SHED COLOUR AND THEY WILL BE REVEALED in the drop-downs below the shed colour

Anchor Set For Concrete Slab

concrete anchor set

Each of the concrete anchors in the pack comprises 3 components.  (1) A galvanised "L" shaped steel angle bracket, (2) A nut & bolt to secure bracket to the wall, and (3) A dyna bolt to fix to the concrete slab.

Skylight Sheet

skylight sheet

EasyShed Skylights can be added to most sheds and positioned as required at the time of installation. We recommend not having more than one skylight per side of the roof for structural purposes. The skylight is made in the same profile as the shed roof.

The Skylight does not need the sheets cut (you simply overlap the roofing sheet). You can cut the skylight using normal scissors if you wish to change the size of it.

Material Fibreglass

Five (5) Blade louvre window

louvre 5 blade window

EasyShed Lockable Louvre windows are available with most sheds. It allows access for natural light & ventilation. The window sits in the space on top of the cut down wall sheet, at the top of the wall panel. It is recommended that window be fitted in the wall panels of the shed that have a roof section overhanging them. The louvre window is designed to fit above a wall sheet of 780mm size. It will not fit above slightly narrower sheet widths of 710mm size. If Gable end required, client will need to cut sheet and let us know, so we dont cut a sheet that sits under the roof overhang. Also the smaller sheds may require the window be placed on the back of the shed.

Material Perspex
Opening W:0.61m H:0.73m
Lockable YES

Shelves for Garden Sheds

Garden Shed 5 tier Shelves

5-tier Shelving Unit that can hold up to a massive 150kg per shelf. The Unit is also built with industrial strength steel with ample supporting beams and braces to hold and keep the structure firm and steady when fully loaded.

* 150KG capacity per shelf
* Industrial strength steel construction
* Beams and braces
* Adjustable shelf height
* Boltless assembly
* Reinforced frame
* Coated finish for rust resistant

* Product Size: 70 x 30 x 150cm
* Capacity: 150kg/tier
* Tiers: 5
* Color: Matte Black
* Weight: 9KG

The shelving is adjustable and fits nicely in our sheds with 1.8m height. If a lower shed, the shelves can be separated to create 2 separate shelves side-by-side.

EasyShed Sliding Doors Optional

The EasyShed range has Single and Double sliding doors to select from. We can offer sliding doors to most model sheds except for Off The Wall, Aviary, Storm and Garage.

easy shed sliding doors

EasyShed Bike Storage Hook

Rubber-coated bike storage hook to mount front or rear wheel. This hanging bike storage hooks between the wall panel and the roof and can be placed anywhere suitable in your garden shed.

easyshed bike storage hook/holder

25 Colorbond Colours to choose from

The EasyShed range has 25 Colorbond Colours to select from. Grey, Green, Cream and Zinc are our standard colours. The rest are our premium colours that other shed companies do not offer. So there may be an extra fee especially if the standard colour is on special.

If the Premium colours are not available in the accessories list, please request a quote for the additional price.

** Please note that Tuscan Red is no longer available.

easy shed colours