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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do the sheds come with a warranty?
Yes, our Absco sheds come with a 30 year warranty coverage for normal usage and wear and tear.
How much do the garden sheds cost?
Our garden sheds cost depend on the size and type of the shed and whether it is the Zinc colour or the Colorbond colours. Please refer to our garden sheds page for the exact size and additional product information.
Do the sheds come with a floor assembly?
No, garden sheds do not come with a floor. However, we recommend that the sheds should be anchored to a concrete slab or a wooden floor. Some people use pavers too.
What tools are required for assembly?
The assembly of our sheds require a drill, drill bits measuring 3mm/4mm, a screw driver, a ladder and a pop rivet gun. For safety purposes, we recommend using gloves, eye protection, boots and work stools if possible to make construction easier and safer.
Can the sheds be disassembled?
Yes, the sheds can be disassembled. Simply unscrew and slid off all channeling. Our sheds can be disassembled back to the kit form like when you first bought it. Then, one can simply re assemble the sheds when needed.
Are the garden sheds water proof?
Yes, our sheds are designed for the outdoors. The materials are weather proof and rust resistant perfect for any outdoor condition and season.
Can the garden shed withstand winter and other extreme weather conditions?
Yes, our garden sheds that we provide are all weather proof and can even withstand snow loads 50 kilograms per square metre and with the additional Snow frame kits it can hold a snow load of 250 kilograms per square metre. The metal parts of our garden sheds are all made from rust and moisture resistant materials, which is why we have the 20 year warranty.
Can I choose the colour my garden shed?
Yes, but it depends on the availability of the stock and the colour that you want. The Colorbond colour ranges from grey, cream, zinc and green. Please refer to our inventory page to check the availability of the colours.
What is the difference between ordering in my local hardware store and your website?
The materials and quality are no different from the same brands that you can find on the market and your local hardware store. However, we offer the same products at a much lower price than our competitors.
What payment methods are available?
You can pay us via our secure payment system using all major credit cards or through your Paypal account. You can even Bank Transfer your funds.
How can I contact you if I have other questions?
You can contact us in our contact page at Contact Us. Just simply fill out the form and your inquiry and we will respond to you at the soonest possible time. Or simply give us a call - we are a wealth of knowledge.