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Australian made Garden Sheds - Direct from the Factory

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Garden Shed provides Australian Garden Sheds direct from the factory to you. From Garden Sheds to Aviaries our Brands include EasyShed, Absco, Spanbilt & Palram.

We have Our Own - Garden Shed Installers in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne
- Take a look at our Garden Shed Installation Services & Custom Timber Base or Concrete options. Too Easy!

Shed Material:

Steel Garden Sheds


Plastic Garden Sheds


Extra Tall Garden Shed

Extra Tall Option

Sheds Types:

Bird Aviary Shed


Sliding Door Garden Sheds

Sliding Door

Workshop Shed


Garage Shed


Pool Pump Cover Shed

Pool Pump

Bike Shed

Bike Shed

Compare Australian Shed Brands:

FeatureShed Brand
Made Australia Australia Australia
Steel Thickness 0.35mm 0.35mm 0.25mm
Home Delivery Flat Rate $99* Free Metro (otherwise >$99) Flat Rate $109 (>$ for far remote)
Transport EFM Logistics Streat/Main Freight Main Freight
Depot Pickup Not Available Not Available Flat Rate $33
Door Height 1.80m 1.80m - 2.10m* 1.80m
Dispatch 2-4 Weeks 1-2 Weeks 3-5 Days
Colours Grey / Green / Zinc Grey / Green / Cream / Monument / 20 other colours* Grey / Green / Cream / Monument
Concrete Anchors Optional Optional Included
Wind Rating N2 (147km/h)* N1 Region A, Region B & Region C
Cyclone Upgrade Yes* No Yes*

Top Picks


Are you in need of a sassy storage solution for your garden goodies? Look no further, because our EasyShed, Absco and Spanbilt sheds are here to save the day! These top-of-the-line Australian garden sheds are super easy to assemble thanks to their innovative ScrewSAFE® technology, and they're backed by a huge warranty because they're just that dang good.

Plus, they can withstand all sorts of weather and won't rust or get all soggy as they are made from sturdy steel. And don't worry about fitting all your big toys inside - our sheds can hold everything from your trusty tools to your giant 4x4 truck.

So why wait? Head on over to Gardenshed.com.au and shop our extensive range of sheds now! - SHOP NOW